New to the city, searching for adventures

Hello everyone , my name is Nestor I’ve been playing Pathfinder & Vampire the Masquerade for 5 years now, saddly , I can not play now that I’m far away from home but I will not give up on it. I’m searching for active players. I can adapt to any system , be a player or DM (I have at least, one good big story always prepared for Pathfinder).

But I have one big problem , I don’t speak german so far, only English and Spanish., does anyone think it would be a big deal?

Also any good place to meet individual players or join a group ?

welcome to the community

english only is not a problem, not sure how many on here speak spanish though :smiley:

thursdays there usually is a open game night at spielbar, besides that you can always try to gather more players and start a group in the #arrange-a-game sub board

Come to Spielbar on Thursdays!