New player looking to play

Hey, I’m Samuel, or Sam for short, I’m 16 and Brazilian
I moved to Vienna about 2 years ago and just now discovered this site, I’ve already played some D&D and CoC using the basic rules online cause I don’t have the books but I normally Dmed even though I would prefer to play now.
I love RPG even though I don’t play it that much, would love to get to know a group and play some D&D(or CoC)
thx, I’m really excited to see if I get to know some of you <3

Greetings @samck,

welcome to our community! We usually have an Adventurers’ League (D&D) game on Friday, while we tend to play different (non-D&D) games on Thursdays (like Call of Chutulu, but also many non-horror themed games). In both cases, you can join, whenever you wish (just comment in the respective thread that you intend to come).

Feel free to join to any one of these (or to both!)

Hey, @S_journ thx, I won’t be there for christmas but I would love to join a group, where do you meet usually?

Hey @samck, I won’t be around either, but the Thursday games usually takes place in Spielbar ( Lederergasse 26, Wien, 9 1080 ), while the Firday games takes place at Café Zehnsiebzig (wien 1070 Burggasse 68).

Just to be sure, always check the thread, which games will be organized

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