New Player looking to join/create group

Hello there!

I recently moved to Vienna for studying. Where I’m from nobody plays DnD etc., but I always wanted to try it out. So here I am! I’m a complete beginner, but I’m highly motivated ^^

Universes/Systems I’m interested in:

Dungeons and Dragons

Star Wars

Avatar Legends


Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

So if you have a group that I can join or want to create one together hit me up! I’m 20 years old so people around that age are preferred :slight_smile: oh and I want to play offline, not online… meeting up to play, eat, drink and laugh in person sounds more enjoyable in my opinion

I speak English and German!

Welcome! Generally, there are weekly games at cafe 1070 at Fridays at 7 PM, but this week it is under renovations so there won’t be a game this week. Next week SHOULD be back to normal though!

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