New player looking for introduction

Hi all,
I would like to give RPG’s a try this Friday (22.7.2022)
I have little experience with DND, but I am reasonably knowledgeable in general geekiness.

Do I make a character according to VALUE at home or is it created during the beginning of the session?
Which books do I need during session?

Hello, glad to have you here!
You can make your character according to our VALUE rules at home if you want to, but we are happy to help you if you are confused or need help. If you need help just come ealier, there are often DMs here earlier who will help you create your character.
You don’t need any books during the session, we also have some of the books there or on our computers if you really need to look something up.

Thanks for the reply.
People typically choose DM on the forum ahead of time? Or during the meeting on Friday?

Some people ask a specific dm to join the game, but many others just turn up and join a game on Friday.
For example if someone asks me if they can play at my table I will try to reserve a space for them if possible. But I also had people join me on Friday on a whim.
Some people prefer it because it makes it easier to plan things, at least in my opinion.

Just don’t forget to post please, so that we know that you are coming. :slight_smile:

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