New Player looking for Group

Hello there,

I (m, 32) am looking for a group playing D&D 5e on a regular basis, which I have limited experience, but an overall good understanding of the mechanics.

I speak German and English (which I would actually prefer).

Let me know if you have interest and an opening :wink:

Best regard,

Hi Floris !

I cannot offer you a group because I am playing in a full one, but I am also looking for another new group so maybe we will be able to find some players and a DM through this post :slight_smile: (this is also exactly how the group that I am in was created actually)

I am happy with both english and german. So let us hope that a DM will join in here on the discussion :smiley:


Hey Shaman,

I am also already in a group, but would like to play more regularly (and just more in general :smiley: ).
I hope that some people will join.

Best regards,

Hi and welcome! As always, we recommend that new players come and play on Fridays at Cafe 1070. It’s a great way to meet people and find groups.

Check the threads with VALUE in the title :stuck_out_tongue:

We do ask that folk write by Thursday noon if they’re going to attempt to be there. We prefer if people cancel (or not show up) rather than annouce themselves last second. We are running 3 almost full tables weekly, so unless we get a 4th DM into regular rotation, it’ll start getting tough to have enough space for everyone… So first write, first serve!

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