New player looking for a regular game

Hi! Im Alex and Im 25 years old.

Ive never played a game of DnD but gotten really interested in DnD recently by stumbling over DnD content on YT and Twitch which Ive been watching a lot over the past few weeks.

Id really love to play some games so would be glad if someone had a spot for me in one of their games.

Im a fast learner and patient if there are more complex things to learn.
Hope to be able to play with some of you soon!

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Hi Alex. Welcome to the world of tabletop rpgs! :smile:
Best way to try out playing for yourself or to find games and to get to know people is probably to just show up on one of the Thursday (no fixed system) or Friday (d&d) open games at spielbar. There will always be a thread here beforehand, to announce if you intend to join. And new players are always welcome :v:


Hey! Thanks for the fast reply, I will be sure to do that soon. Just one more question: What do I need to buy to bring along in order to be able to play? eg. how many dice and so on? Thanks a lot already!

usually there will be enough of anything necessary present, but if you want to go out and buy stuff: 1 set of dnd dice (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d100, 1d12 and 1d20) as well as a pencil should be enough for starters

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Or we could borrow you a set for a session, just so you try dnd out:3

that really sounds awesome guys. ill be coming around to check it out soon then! thanks a lot for all your info :slight_smile:

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