New player looking for a group

Hi there, I’m new to tabletop RPG’s and am looking for a group to play DnD with

Hello and welcome.
First of all, we do have a regular Thursday game at the Spielbar. Game systems vary but include D&D, both old school and kindergarden school, and people are welcome to come by and play.
Moreover, what we just started is to reserve the last Thursday of each month for a D&D5 campaign. The next game will be next week.

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Apart from that, we have had quite an influx of newcomers with interest in D&D recently, presumably there would be a way to start a whole new campaign there…


Hey Adam,

There is a group of us who are looking, you’re right. I, myself, would be interested in starting up a group to meet on a semi-regular basis.

Will you be planning to come to the next Spielbar evening? I plan to come, we could meet up there and discuss logistics?

Hey. There I would be interrested too if you don’t mind. I’ll be there during 30.03. so we could talk about it. :blush:

I’ll be coming on the 30th so we can discuss the details there then

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Heya. I’d love to talk to you guys about this too, since I’m very interested in a dnd group and have been looking for one for ages.

unfortunately I just found out that I can’t come to spielbar on 30.03. is there any other way I could still join?

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Well, we have a game everyweek, just not D&D…

And, of course, you can still chat with people here…

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it was directed towards crimson talking about his d&d group about which they will be talking details on the 30th :smiley:


Where’s everyone sitting?

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