New player interested in finding a group

Hello there community,

my name is Orestis i am 19 years old and i am comming from Greece.
I found this group after a LOT of search and i am happy to say i am glad that i did.
I am an RPG game lover and since i was 12 i have been looking for a group to play DnD with , however that was extremely hard in the area where i was living due to the fact that i was the only one familiar with the term DnD.

I would be more than happy to meet and possibly join any of the DnD groups that you have formed/will form however my knowledge of DnD goes up to the Online Game DnD Online , so yes i am officialy a noob.

Thank you in advance for puting the time and effort into reading this.
See you soon

Hello noxous! Welcome aboard!

I am currently [url= to get a couple of people together to play[/url]some Pathfinder-modules.
Pathfinder is (if you don’t know it), sort of D&D 3.5 evolved, taking most of what was good in 3.5 (think Neverwinter Nights) and improve on the things that didn’t work so good.

It would be great if you’d find time to come as well (though I don’t have a date and time and place for the first meeting yet).

I have never heard of it but after a bit of internet research i got some things.
Sure i would be more than happy to join but the point is as i said that i am a complete noob on Pen and Paper adventures as i have only played Vampires for a couple of days.
I hope it will not be an issue :slight_smile:

That really should not be an issue at all.

I’m glad you are interested, and thanks for the option to play at your place.

Indeed, I should be an occasional guest at this games and will be happy tp give you pointers…