New modern day/supernatural game [GURPS Blackops]

Agent #a472: The mindwipe chip we installed in your brain after your training was just deactivated. Recent developments led to your reinstatement into active duty. Please make your way to Argus HQ for your mission briefing.

Hi, I am looking for players interested in a modern day / supernatural crossover game. Take the X-Files and Predator and mash them up with a hint of Men in Black essentially.

The game system will be GURPS (not a problem if you are not familiar with it though), aiming to play a one-shot first to see how things go.

If you are interested in joining as a player let me know.
Location would be near Südtirolerplatz or online, depending on the COVID situation.

Hi Mark, my name is John. I haven’t played a game in GURPS since 2nd edition and no longer have the books but I’d still love to give it a try.


Hi John, excellent! I am am a bit rusty too, so no danger that we’ll use every single optional rule in 4th Edition. I played mostly D&D 5e in the last two years but need a bit of a break from swords and bows.

If you are curious you can have a quick check at the free GURPS lite ( ) - should give you a quick overview over what might have changed since 2nd.

Great, I gave Lite a download and noted the changes. I saw the flavor you’re going for, how many points do I spend to make the base character? Are there any stat requirements? Any other requirements?

The characters will be around (ballpark) 170 points but ideally driven by a character concept first.
I was thinking we would run a session zero with an introduction to the setting and then a character creation part. Also helps to explain all the new concepts (or rules for those who never played GURPS).

So far though, it’s only two players. We would definitely need at least one or ideally two more to give it a shot I think.

If we can’t find them, the dynamic doesn’t work or whatever else have you, I have a great (IMO) spin on CoC cum the Strange using the Cypher system (Monte Cooks brainchild) that could actually include a Men in Black-esque/X Filey/Predatorial game within it that can be run for any sized group even with players who’ve never rped being able to really get into it right from session zero itself.


BTW, the campaign I have can be as easily run for 1 as for eight and still be fun.

Also sounds cool - don’t think I have come across the Cypher system before.

I will check some other online forums to see if we can get a few more people excited about the GURPS thing, but we can keep Cypher as a good fallback position if that doesn’t work out.

Cool, cool, it’ll be nice to be on the Player side of the GM screen for a change.

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