New guy looking for group

Hello everyone,
I came to Vienna as an exchange student. I am experienced player, but I have played mostly sci-fi games (Edge of the Empire, Dark heresy or Rogue trade). Because of that, I would like to try some fantasy ones as Pathfinder for example (no experience in this genre).
I hope to greet you all !
Martin (aka Lopolo)


i can only recommend coming to spielbar on thursdays, not sure if the tournament this thursday still is open for more players, but i’d assume so as the post is still open to post in :smiley:

besides that, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Vienna and welcome to the community!

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It is, and we’d be happy to welcome you this Thursday if you’d like to drop by, Martin.

Greetings… hf…

Thanks for warm welcome. Unfortunately this Thursday I have to pass, but I will definitely come the next one.