New Grp DD 5e/Pathfinder


My Name is Christian (27) and im Looking for a Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder group in Vienna. (German/English)

Me and my flatmate Michael(26) and occasionally his girlfriend (Christiane26) are looking to
form a new Rpg- Grp that meets up weekly or every two weeks.

We are pretty unexperienced ( I played 15-20 times when i was 16-18 and then stopped/ and my flatmate is watching youtube/twitch vox-machina etc for a year now)

Recently we played 2 evenings with our friends to get back into it and realisied we would like to do this regulary.

If we can get a group of 4-5 people that aggree on the same Game and the same weekday, that would be very great. Michael and i can do both games(but pretty unexperienced) and one day a week of your choice.

My plan is to meet up in a Bar or Spielbar itself to play a short adventure to get to know each other and see where we go from there.

We have the gaming equipment and Michael can be the Gamemaster if no one else wants to.

Happy to get feedback,

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another Christian (30) here, who’s looking to join a DND5e game as a player. I’d be free more or less any day of glotze week currently, would need to plan more in the new year, though. And also make sure it doesn’t overlap with my own game but that should be doable :wink:

I’m fairly new-ish to D&D, though I’m DM-omg another game and watched quite a lot of D&D being played. So, if you’d have me, that’d be great :slight_smile:

As I’m new to this community, I’m not entirely certain what the usual way to set up is. should I send you a private message with my contact details, do you just set a time/date to meet?^^



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my email adress is:

as soon as we get 4 players together we can discuss a date that fits for us.
Nice to have you on board Christian

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Hi Christians!

I’m Gabriele (27) and would like to join too. I’m already in a group that I really enjoy playing with, but I would not mind bringing the frequency of game up. I’m a pretty experienced player for D&D 3.5e and 5e, but I’m really just looking for great time together :slight_smile:

I will be back in Vienna before New Year’s Eve.

Good to have new players in the community!

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Hello Gabriele,

glad to hear from you. Very nice that we have 4 people arleady now. I would like to meet up after the festivities. If you could write me a short message just so i have your email adress and a way to contact you to set up a metting, that would be great.

For anyone else who reads this, dont hold back. Message us.

Heya! Would this group accept a further player, also named Christian? :slight_smile:
I don’t know how far your planning went already, I’d be interested in a bi-weekly session of 5e.

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Of course, we gladly welcome additional players. I am going to message you all after new year’s eve to set up the date. Wish you all a happy christmas!


In case your friend does not want to DM. I am currently planning a DnD 5e campaign, but my old group seems to desintegrate atm. If I cannot fix that, I would search for a group to play that campaign anyways.
I have yet to to DM DnD, but have experience with other systems and have been a regular player and watcher of games for a while.

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Hey there~
i dont know how big you want to hold your group but incase someone can’t show up i would really like to join.
My name is not Christian but Stefan, im 29 years old and an absolut DnD beginner. Just like you i watched and currently am watching the adventures of Vox Machina hehe…
I would like to play weekly… sooo if there is a Spot free i would very much like to join!
If not thats ok too and i wish you all the best of fun playing~

greetings Deca

Hello everybody.

As I said, i’m going to message you after new year’s eve and here i am:

We are very much itching for another “pen and paper” evening. We were planning another game night with our friends the day after tomorrow (03.01.), but if anyone of you can join us, think yourself invited. We are hosting a - as of yet very small - gathering to run Death House from The Curse of Strahd. We do not have a fixed time schedule on that one - we are having some friends over at our place and would start somewhere around the mid-afternoon and see how long it takes us. We are aware that this kind of spontaneity is not to everyone’s taste, so this meet-up would be completely self-contained and detatched from any further endeavours.

Rather, it is a fully optional opportunity - though recommended - to drop by and check out if our playstyle and sense of humor suits you. If youre interested - drop me an eMail (

That said - we would like to set up a more formal meet-up to kick off a new campaign at Sunday, the 13.01.

I hope most of you are free on one of these 2 days, as i would like to use them to set up a week day(either weekly or every 2 weeks) and a whatsapp group so that we can share these informaitons more easily.

Best wishes to all of you,
Christian Ehmeier

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Hey Ribisl,

since I’m planning my next online D&D session right now I’d love a quick message from you at what time roughly you want to meet up on the 13th - if the game is still planned :wink:

Still looking very much forward to the game and would like to get it started or at least planned out in some shape or form.



I am Carlo, if I am still in time I would like to enjoy your gruop! I was playing 5e back in Italy for a few years and before we played 3.5 but I don’t consider myself an “experienced player” haha

If I am still in time let me know :wink:


Keeping you up to date for the 13th January. We are going to play Pathfinder Hells Rebels.

We are going to meet at “Spielbar Lederergasse 26 1080 Vienna”, a table has been reserved for Ehmeier and we are meeting at 18:00.

We will be at Spielbar at 17:30 for anyone who hasnt rolled up his character sheet or needs some help.
You start at level 1.

The adventurers guide for this adventure recommends neutral or good and mostly chaotic characters.
Most of the adventure will play in a city and its surroundings with a few little dungeons in the city.

I can email you additional information to this adventure if you want. Or you write to my roommate who will be Dming this adventure me dm

Happy to hear from all of you,
have a nice day.

Christian Ehmeier

Signs are adding up that I most likely can’t join your group :confused:

just adapt to the pathfinder ruleset, its really similar and from the adventures that i have seen latetly: even more fun!

:slight_smile: There are other reasons as well on my part.

After the meetup didn’t happen and no one mentioned that it was cancelled I’ll be leaving the group as well and wish any remaining party member the best.

If anyone is still interested in joining a DND5E game, I’d still be interested, granted the organisation and communication works a little better :wink:



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Hello there,

This seems like the appropriate thread to chime in.

My is Julian (28)
I am also currently looking for a group of DnD 5e.
I am somewhat experienced with the rules and really flexible. Feel freee to message me if there might be any vacant spots in an existing group or if you would like to start a new group. :slightly_smiling_face: