New Goal: Chasing a Unicorn

Let you know when I find one.

Heard there are some obese ones in africa but they are heavily endangered so hurry!

There was one in Squatty potty comercial.

Needless to say, any leads are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I heard there is one from Greece.

To put it in role-playing terms, this thread seems to be the equivalent of rolling on Rumor Table #3

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Maybe they live in Rumours Table 3… simply nobody rolled 00 on it so far…

I have a stuffed one at at home. Was devilishly difficult to catch though.

i think the closest you’ll get is Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinocerus(great painting from someone who only painted it through descriptions having never seen a live one :smiley: )

Well, obviously. We save those for Call of Cthulhu for when we least need them!

When it comes to stuffed ones one could also ask a certain white haired witcher but i think his is pretty sticky.