New Campaign: Old School AD&D? Yes, 1st Edition


First off, I’m glad I stumbled across this message board. I’ve been in Vienna around a year and a half. My wife and I are Canadian.

I’m a lifelong AD&D Player, and in my mind, there’s nothing like the first set of AD&D rules, despite its numerous flaws, it provides a great deal of flexibility. Typically, I reduce everything to the core 3 (PH, DMG, MM) books plus a few “house rules” to fix a few flaws.

Life has been busy for past few years, but I have put together the framework for a great campaign world that I would love to explore with a fixed set of characters to start (plus some player developed as well).

My wife (also an experienced player) are seeking 3-4 players, preferably those with AD&D experience or those interested in experiencing the original version of the game.

We live in central Vienna, Canadian, in our late 40’s. Game would be in English, Ideally meeting 2-3 times per month.


Hi @badnoodle, welcome to the forum!

You’ve chosen the right time to join, as currently many D&D related campaigns starts parallelly and it’s always nice to have a wider choice of game opportunities.

Although there are a few people around with AD&D experience, nowadays a lot of new players joined to this forum who are (mainly) familiar with the newer versions, but might be interested about AD&D or your campaing.

Therefore I suggest, you should join to one of our regular open sessions (on every Thursday, you shall find a post about it on the forum) and prepare an one-shot game (like the first level of the dungeon), where every attendant can get a taste of it.

Flaws? What flaws?

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