New(bie) both in Vienna and to Rpgs

First of all , Hello to all of you here that support such an interesting activity.
My name is Stelios and i come from greece and i am 23 years old.
I met Rpg when i was like 7-10 years old in my village where i spent my summers.
I cant even remember what Rpg was i playing exactly i just remember the words the dark eye!
I may sound ultra noob now sorry for that :smiley:
I would be glad to meet some of you in your next meetup in spielbar and to get to know you in person
If i should mention anything feel free to say so :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:
well if you remember the words ‘the dark eye’ the rpg in question probably was ‘The Dark Eye’ (or Das Schwarze Auge in german) :smiley:
Looking forward to meet you at Spielbar one of these days

Thanks for the welcoming :smiley:
Hope Dark eye is a good way to get into the genre.
I am looking forward to live my childhood memories again :slight_smile:
So next Thursday should i be at spielbar at about 6?

I started with that one myself a long time ago :smiley:

as for thursday, there should be a thread for it soonish i hope, it always is a good idea to check for the thread (or create it yourself), just to be sure there will be enough people and someone willing/able to run something :smiley:

6 would be early. The first people are there around 7 and the games usaly don´t start befor 8. Also the specific threat for next thusday should pop up soon.

So 7 and afterwards,even not playing just meeting is enough for me at the moment thanks for the replies