Necromancer's lairs

So, a while ago, I posted one of the map I Gimped together and people seemed to like it enough.

So, I have decided to put another battlemap that I just finished this morning (some of you guys might recognize it :wink: ).

This map isn’t right. There are no spiders or flying organs.

And no meddling heroes either… :wink:

Or any level up.


Or fairly drunk bards!..

Amazing map btw Simon!

very cool Simon
like a boss

how long did u took that thing?


how long did u took that thing?[/quote]

I’d rather not think about it… :wink:

No, sincerely, I did not really count. I guess I worked on it about 3 or 4 hours on Thursday evening (making the rooms and starting on the furniture) and a wee bit less on Friday (almost exclusivelly furniture)… I think.
Not really sure… I already had most of the plan drawn out but it is not really the time consuming bit…

I actually kinda enjoy it… and it easier and faster than drawing the map on an erase board…

Very nice :exclamation:

how about u make one map a month and post it here so we can begin a sort of Forum-Map-Building thing?

i would only post handdrawn ones since i dont own any of the programms xD

I actually kinda enjoy it… and it easier and faster than drawing the map on an erase board…[/quote]

Another obsessive (ok, this IS an RPG forum…)

Easier and faster is relative… IN game, yes, but it sucks up your time.

If you ever want a hand with these, btw, I DO have Gimp, and would be happy to help.

i would only post handdrawn ones since i dont own any of the programms xD[/quote]

Bazhell, Gimp is free! You, too, could make beautiful map art!

we will see

From what I remember, Gimp has a hell of a learning curve.

For my online-Play-by-Post I use TTopRPG. I mostly master published adventures that I get PDF’s for, which often have maps already in them, so it’s easy.

@Shioban, yeah, it does take a while but as I do it mostly for fun, it doesn’t matter.
And as you say, it does save time around the table, when it is important as it helps the game flowing…
Your offer is a kind one, if you have the time (you are going to be gainfully employed in no time now!) and inclination. I could use a few mundane buildings (farms and the ike) and that way, I won’t risk giving you any spoiler: “So, behind the giant throne in the ice fortress is a staircase leading to the dragon sized stables…”
I generally build my maps on a 1 to 1 scale with a a size compatible (often a wee bit smaller) with the iso series: A2; A3 or A4. That way, I can print them directly with only a minimum of resizing from the printer…
If you want to give it a try, don’t hesitate and if you don’t have the time to finish, or if you lack some stuff (like textures, or objects), I can finish it too…

Your idea is not a bad one. In fact, I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog or website posting this kind of stuff: maps, custom made NPCs, monsters and magic items, a few scenario and campaign outlines… Stuff that could help a starting GM. But I can definitively post my maps here instead…
As for the rhythm, normally, a map like this one takes about a day of work so I can knock several of them a month, on the other hand, I can get burned out after a while and stay away from mapping for some time.
The only caveat is that I map first and foremost for my players and I don’t want to give them spoilers. So, I can only post the map from the areas they have already explored themselves (I think it might be fun for them to see them back) or the ones connected to adventures they chose not to take (and even then, I’ll probably be sitting on them in case I can recycle them…).
Case in point, I currently have three maps finished. One of them we will use in the next session, the next one we might use in the following week, and the last one… well, if the players ever encounter it, it won’t be before a while…

Yeah, GIMP can be intimidating but like most software, you need to fiddle with it to learn how to use it. And really, I am not a sophisticated GIMP user. It is all simplistic vanilla gimping from somebody that doesn’t know how it ‘s actually supposed to be done (50 shades of Gimp?).
I could, I guess, add a “tutorial” alongside the next map that I post… But, really, the hardest parts are finding the textures to complement the ones that you download as default, and then scour the dundjinni forums (at to get pictures from the objects you want to add (I have made a handful of objects myself but dundjinni is wonderful, they have an extensive collection of stuff that are much better than anything I could ever hope to achieve on my own!).

Yah, give me a week or so to get accustomed to working again after being unemployed for over a year. I imagine I will be doing a lot of falling straight into bed the first week.

I thought of the spoiler thing after I made my offer, but wasn’t gonna bring it up if you didn’t whistles innocent look

I found GIMP to be easier than photoshop, by a lot, but I am ALSO not an advanced user, by any stretch.

(I have made a handful of objects myself…)[/quote]

Check out the toilet for the zombies in this map…


Simon, just to let you know that if you do this, then I’ll host it for free. The hosting package has all the wordpress/CMS stuff built in as a one-click install so you won’t have to worry about anything. I’m totally with you on this project! Your maps are amazing.

BTw Siobhan, there’s no map in your post. I was too busy trying to get in there with my groan-worthy “joke” before I noticed the lack of mappage.

(What does a vegetarian zombie eat? GRRAAAAAAIIIINNNNNSSS!)

oh, no, I meant in “this map that kicks off this thread.”

I mentioned to Sio that my only contribution to the furniture was moding a wooden cuttibg board into latrines…