Native Austrian and all that jazz

Hey folks,

as with many of you, Neil brought me in, over from the messageboards.

I’m close to 30, living about 60km north of vienna, commuting 5 days a week.

I started RPGing about 10 years ago, getting dragged into it by my little sister. First game was Vampire: the Masquerade, which was closely followed by D&D3.0. I later got to play some D&D3.5 and Modern D20.
All of that was played in German, until I lost touch with the group.

I kept playing RPG’s online on messageboards and forums, first in German, and since Pathfinder in English as well.

I’m mostly a player, but I have a running campaign on the Paizo messageboard I DM.

Other than that I played and play computer RPG’s (both MMORPG’s like Guild Wars, and single player RPG’s like Elder Scrolls III, IV and V, Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale…).

As for my english: I don’t have that much experience speaking english as I have written and read it, but that’s a reason I’d like to get in a regular gaming group playing in english.

I know that me not living in Vienna is a hindrance, but I hope I still may find an arrangement with some of you.


Welcome, glad you could make it :slight_smile: Sorry it didn’t work out with the original group. It was purely a matter of schedule that’s all. If you look around the site you’ll notice that there’s potentially a couple more groups starting up.

I’ve noticed you posted in the “books” thread. That’s great, we need more contributions going on in the other forums.

Enjoy the site.

Welcome Franz!

Don’t worry about the english: I’ve learned mine from movies, books and pc games, and I turned out ok enough to DM once in english.

DM AND explain a terribly complex game. I’ll vouch for his English.

Hey Neil, no hard feelings there. I know that me not living in Vienna means trouble, so I thought it would happen.

Yeah, I will do my best to contribute where I can.

How bout a Play-by-Post on this forum? I’d DM that, if there’s interest.

Hey AmLash: Well, yeah, my last English lesson was quite some time ago. All I got now is the TV.

Hey Siobhan: That speaks for him.
I could try explaining ‘Mondagor’ to you all… But I rather not have to.
It’s a really nice game with an interesting system, not really complex, but I wouldn’t know where to start.
(Though I did start translating it some years ago. Too bad it never saw the light of day…)

So, anybody got a question?

I did actually have this in mind for something “down the line” I feel the forum would have to grow a bit first though. There’s a dice mod in place though that covers the basics. I’m not sure what else we’d need for a decent PbP forum.

[dice]1d20[/dice] [dice]2d6[/dice] [dice]4d4+1[/dice]


Give it a try :wink:

Yeah, saw the dice-code already, pretty much like most RPG-boards have it.


We could use a [ ooc]- and [ spoiler] code and maybe aliases, but we can do with what we have already.

I guess I’m going to post an invitation-thread for any to find my offer, along with some basics I’d have for a PBP.


I guess I’m going to post an invitation-thread for any to find my offer, along with some basics I’d have for a PBP.[/quote]

Now thats what I like to see!

As I just posted photos of most of my collection of RPG-books to G+, I thought of sharing those here too:

Nice! Similar taste here inkl. the Ptolus book. Is that the Kingmaker Adventure Path? We are thinking of playing it right now (Neil’s group)

On the first pic is most of the everyday books, including the Kingmaker Adventure Path, which I DM over at Paizo.
On the second pic are (from right to left) the other eight AP’s, most Paizo sourcebooks (Players companion-, Chronicles- and Campaign Setting-line) and the Modules.
The third pic shows about half of my Non-Paizo RPG books. Mostly D&D3.5 stuff (WotC, Green Ronin, Ptolus…). I only occasionally look at those.

I got the Ptolus tome rather cheap from amazon (around 60€ IIRC), but I treasure the two numbered and signed copies of “The Collected Book of Experimental Might” from Monte Cook most.

I notice we have similar tastes when it comes to RPG Books. I own a numbered and signed ptolus, and all “Might” Books that came out for 3.5. Also Arcana Evolved and Iron Heroes with all of the extra stuff for them. And that’s just the books Monte wrote.