My replica Ghostbusters Proton Pack

So a quick post on halloween reminded me to post this thread.
While I was at uni in England, me and a mate got to thinking that going as Ghostbusters for Halloween would be a great idea.

We looked at the store-bought costumes with the inflatable pack…and well, they’re shit, let’s be honest. A quick Google search later and we found a site full of NUTCASES who build their own proton packs from scratch…COOL!..and they charge about $1000 for one…NOT COOL.

We didn’t go as Ghostbusters that year.

Fast forward to Austria two years ago…Now, when I get an idea in my head. I don’t do things by half. I suddenly realised that if all these lunatics can build their own packs then so can I. I got to work. Over the course of a year (on and off) I became one of the lunatic nutcases on…It was a ton of research, a ton of building, a fair bit of money…orders from the US, England Germany and Canada and a MEGATON of satisfaction when it all came together.




I had the honor of touching it.

It’s really cool… Which reminds that I need to get my hand on a pair of purple dress pants


Wow, that is amazing!!!

Make sure to post a pic of you fully dressed up! Would love to see that.

Did you make a trap and the nightvision googles too?

Where is the fully dressed pic?