My Fleamarket 30.3 UPDATE


If you folk are interested you also can swing by on Saturday the 31.3 starting with 1PM to maybe again 9PM

Since my idea of giving away stuff turned into the idea of having a fleamarket i thought it would be right to do a new post just for that.

I thought March 30 (Friday) would be good in hopes that most people will be avaliable on fridays (feel free to correct me)


5pm-8/9ish PM

RPG books (20 a book seems reasonable i think)
RPG minis (whatever seems fair)
RPG terrain (pay what you want)
Normal Books (we got too many to take with us)
Boardgames (whatever seems fair)
other doodad´s and nick nack´s like:
Plague doctor mask, Silly wooden swords, acrylic paint, crafty stuff and many other useless things that you might fancy!

I hope to see you there and please don´t rob me :smiley:

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Nooooo. I am gone between 28.3 and 3.4. :frowning:

Might I be able to just stop by earlier? Or could you save me 1 or 2 things?

if too many people are unhappy with that date we can defenetly reschedule. Nothing is written in stone as of now.

30.3. sounds good to me :slight_smile:

I think that I’d be able to swing by as well on the 30th.

I think I will check it out

Sounds good.

You know the drill, guys: Everybody bring some random odds and ends to hide in heidelbeerkuchen’s flat …