As I’am always on the lookout for new music, I would be interested in what you all enjoy.

I’ll just share some music that touches me:
Finsterforst - Untergang
Arkona - Nebo Hmuroe, Tuchi Mrachniye
Forseti - Der graue Koenig
Beltaine - Bring to the boil
Charon - At the End of our Day

And many more… so what is the music you all enjoy? There is a definite lack of musical topics here :slight_smile:

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nice :slight_smile:

I’m more into early 70’s (progressive) rock:
Some modest examples:

Focus - Hocus Pocus
Deep Purple - Child In Time
Genesis - Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
Aphrodite’s Child - The Four Horsemen
Gentle Giant - Knots
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Meeting Of The Spirits
King Crimson - Starless


Here’s one worth watching these days:

Twenty-five years ago last Tuesday, the Iron Curtain fell. You can see the exact moment it happens; it’s at 6:36. The drum beat’s going and Sebastian Bach is prancing around in front of that star-spangled backdrop and an entire generation of Muscovites is losing its collective shit, and when the guitar kicks in, the world has changed forever, and everybody knows it.

The sheer joy on the face of the woman you see right afterwards is priceless. The whole thing is full of great crowd shots.

Hair bands and power ballads, wooo!

I watched some old 80s hair metal bands not too long ago,
was a heck of a fun :smiley:

Yeah that is really, really awesome :slight_smile:

and it reminds me of this:
The video of the first metal show (Iron Maiden) in India

Some young Austrian bands:

Phi - “Exile”
Mother’s Cake - “Invisible”
Wassermanns Fiebertraum - “Jetzt Oder Nie” *
Our Ceasing Voice - “Until Your Chest Explodes”
Milk+ - “Venus Breakdown”

  • (instrumental) Post-Rock band, so you don’t have to understand any German

some progressive rock from yesterday :mrgreen:

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire
Jethro Tull - Aqualung
Lucifer’s Friend - Ride In The Sky
Caravan - For Richard
Curved Air - Vivaldi
Camel - The Snow Goose/Friendship/Rhayader Goes To Town
Rick Wakeman - Anne Boleyn

I am mostly into Punk and Ska (stuff like Mad Caddies, Reel Big Fish, Aquabats, …), but I found this album I wanted to share with all of you old-school gamers and hip-hop heads:

Its a FREE nerdcore EP about Nintendo games, and it covers all the clasics like Zelda, Metal Gear, Punch-out, Super Mario, …

“This album takes a journey to the world of eight bit super heroes of the past, with each song describing the game from the main character’s view. Featuring the actual in-game NES music ripped out, remixed, and given fresh new beats, the instrumentals alone will have you grinning.”

again … some progressive rock from yesterday :mrgreen:

Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You
Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida
Ange - Les Longues Nuits d’Isaac
Pink Floyd - Echoes [Part 1]
Pink Floyd - Echoes [Part 2]
Premiata Forneria Marconi - E’Festa
Yes - Close To The Edge

… some progressive rock from last weekend :mrgreen:

Sparks - This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us
Renaissance - The Vultures Fly High
Triumvirat - Spartacus
Procul Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale
Comus - Drip Drip
Kansas - Dust in the Wind
U.F.O. - Doctor Doctor

… some progressive rock from two weekends ago :wink:

It’s A Beautiful Day - White Bird
Le Orme - Sospesi Nell’incredibile
Rush - Flight By Night
Suck - Season Of The Witch
The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin
Van Der Graaf Generator - Man-Erg
Hatfield & The North - Fitter Stoke Has A Bath

Beardfish - …And Terry Takes The Christmas Route


[spoiler=“lyrics”]Run, scurry up the stairs
They’re waiting for you, Terry - you cannot be late
Mother is in tears, since father has gone astray
He’s not healthy, in his mind, in his body, he’s fading away
He thinks he’s Father Christmas, or Santa, if you will
That elfs are in his room, waiting for this day
And there he sits so silent, polishing his invisible sled
“Terry, can you see it?” he says, and then he drops dead…

As his mother cries out in sorrow, Terry sees a light, it’s forming now, oh an elf, there’s a reindeer. Suddenly a sound, thunder from below, there stands the sled, it’s glowing red, a voice is calling out:

“TERRY! Your father’s duty must pass on to you
There are children waiting for the joy of Christmas, yes it’s true”
“God, is that you?” asks Terry, the voice laughs out so loud the chimney breaks
“No, now off you go, get in that sled, you’ve got a long night ahead”

Terry hugs his mom, she doesn’t understand.
She can see the sled now, the reindeers on a leash in Terry’s hand
He screams out “away”, but nothing happens, not a thing.
She says “try Ho-ho-ho”, and oh yes, through the broken chimney off they go!

Meanwhile, the man with the loud voice is pleased, his plan has worked once more
“Oh, my glorious plan, bring them presents, keep them in my hand
During Christmas I can do my evil dance
Then Easter comes along, and I’ll drop the bomb on France
As long as they’re fed and happy and fat
I can get away with what I want, HA HA HA!!!”

Terry’s in his sled, riding through the sky, he’s wondering:
“Why are the reindeers making noises like an airplane engine?
Well now, nevermind, they seem to know which way we’re going,
I got the presents here, I think we’re about to make a stop”.
They land on the roof of a house in the suburbs,
Terry takes a bunch of gifts and jumps down in the chimney.

“Oh, father Christmas must be proud of me”
He lays out the presents underneath the Christmas tree

Terry hears a voice again, mumbling, it’s not the same as before
It sounds like his dad, he’s talking from the sleds speakerphone
“Hi dad, how is heaven? Is it like they always said?”
“Terry, you stupid kid, come home again, coz I’m not dead!”
“Oh really?!? OK, but I don’t know how to steer this thing,
The reindeers seem to have the route planned out, I can’t do a thing.”
“Listen closely, there’s a shotgun in the wooden box behind you, got it?
Just shoot the reindeer in the front, the ugly one named Rudolf with the glowing red nose,
Then it’s like driving a car, except you’ll be in the air, alright?”
He nods, them picks up the gun and blasts Rudolf to kingdom come

“But, dad… Isn’t it a good thing I’m doing here, bringing joy to children everywhere?”
“I thought so too, but I figured out that the man behind Christmas is an evil fiend!
He uses the joy of Christmas to lure us into turning our eyes away
And meanwhile he does his evil things and… we’ll nevermind, just be on your way!”

He flies off and sees something in the distant sky
A big ship of some kind, shaped like a big Christmas tree
The voice of the evil man, screams out in the speakerphone:
“I heard everything, now it’s time to meet your doom!”
A big bad laser beam, misses Terry by an inch,
He aims his rifle and shoots the giant Christmas tree!
“All gifts once again shall be given out of good!”
Terry fire once more, “now IS IT UNDERSTOOD?”
The evil genius screams as he plummets to his death
Into the lake below, “down, down, down you go!”

“Terry, you’ve saved Christmas for us all!
Once again, it’s just a holiday…”
His mom and dad cry tears of happiness, over the speakerphone!

(and then Rudolf comes to life, possessed by a demon, his eyes are glowing red
and he bites of Terry’s head and the goddamn sled falls into the ocean as well…)[/spoiler]

… some progressive rock from last week :wink:

Birth Control - Gamma Ray
Egg - A Visit To Newport Hospital
Peter Hammill - Forsaken Gardens
Greenslade - Bedtime Manners Are Extra
Flower Travelling Band - Make Up
Triana - Luminosa Mañana
Gong - Master Builder

It’s Super Bowl Sunday - none of this highbrow music today (and definitely none of that depressive grunge business). It’s time to put Mahky Mahk on loop!

… some progressive/psychodelic rock from yesterday :mrgreen:

Colosseum - Lost Angeles
Affinity - Night Flight
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower
Khan - Stargazers
Guess Who - American Woman
H P Lovecraft - It’s About Time


well … time to necro this gem^^

at the first Saturday in Semptember (the 5th) the prog/psychodelic rock partyseason starts again :slight_smile:

Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
Samla Mammas Manna - Klossa Knapitatet
Triangle - Triangle
10cc - Not In Love
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Magma - Kobaïa
SBB - Wizje

All I know about music is that I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the Summer of Alanis.



:mrgreen: will watch them tonight :mrgreen:

fanboy squee!