More free comics

Want some free comics? I have a small stack that’s yours if you want it.

I think they’re mostly from free comic book days from years gone by, largely English, a few German.

Anyway, free to a good home. I know some of you enjoy comics; drop me a line if you want 'em.

What, a guy can’t even give away comics around here any more? What kind of geeks are you? :smiley:

Man, tough crowd.

Well, if you bring some at the next pub session, I am sure they will be taken away…

BAD geeks who don’t read the forum regularly (+ even when they do, they just check what’s new on the thread they’re interested in & more often than not fail to respond :wink: )

Anyway, comics, YES, could u bring some of it the next time we meet? Or what’s the best way for you to get rid of them?


I read them in digital format, got 20 gig of comics, with travelling there is no use for hard copies, unless its one or two computer prog. books.

Sure, but there’ just something pleasant about the tactile aspects of comic books… Besides, nothing like the rustle of the pages when the hero’s skulking through the shadows.

Anyway, I’ll bring some serious summer reading along next time we play. See ya!

I agree paper is better, I used to have a few boxes, all in special protectors. But that was before I started travelling around. But I feel no difference now that all of them are digital. I still go into the comic shops though, just I don’t buy any.
Hey has anybody been reading the new Judge Dredd series by IDW. Its awesome.
Other likes are: Punisher, Silent Hill, Cthulhu, The Scorpion, Alien, Spawn.