Miniatures Commission Painting

Hi Folks,
I am a hobby fantasy miniatures painter who has found himself with extra time at hand during lockdown and would like to offer his painting services to our community. The intention is to help bring some of your favorite PC’s to life, however I do paint NPC’s/monsters, board game minis etc. as well. The prices start from 25 euro/ 28mm mini for a solid tabletop paint job and increase with quality and/or size of the figure.

In case you like something, pls feel free to PM and I will shortly get back to you (with a pricing catalogue).


PS- all models are primed before painting and sealed with varnish afterwards to protect the paint job from mishandling or accidental scratching. I use Scale 75, Vallejo and Citadel painting products.

PSS - larger orders are also available at discounted prices.

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As someone who paints myself: I really like how clean you paint.


Thanks! Glad you like em.

‘‘The beauty is in the eye of the … Beholder’’ :slight_smile:
(Large creature, tabletop display paint job, specific base. 98% done, cleaning the base and a bit of OSL blending)

The base designe process:

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'For the scar I’ll forgive you; for the spilt drink I’ll have your heart." - Valeros, iconic Pathfinder character (or pretty much your avg fighter/merc :))

Happy Holidays!

The base was sculpted with Miliput

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I present Argavox Firesplurge and the ranger Aúdil, bane of the Floweringmeadows.

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VERY nice