Mini painting session!

Auburney nicely volunteered to tutor whoever would be interest in the fine art of mini painting.

If you are interested, you can shout out here and tell us when you are available!

I’d be interested!

Me too. I’ve got far too much GW-Minis sitting around with nothing but primer in them.

Okay, cool!

I can mostly only do evenings these next 4 weeks or so (yes, sometimes there are regular day-job periods even when you work for the theatre, believe it or not! :mrgreen: ),
but apart from Thursdays, I can be rather flexible as concerns the day.

In August, my time table will loosen up a bit, then all kinds of timeslots become open again (afternoons, late evenings, you name it)

Do you guys have time next week?

Would wednesday evening work for you guys?

For me it would :slight_smile:

Me 2 ! :slight_smile:

Not ideal but I can move thingd around…

By the way, we need to collect some money for Alex, so that the paint costs don’t all come out of his wallet…

Oh yeah, about that:

If you tell me who of you has got brushes and paints and can bring them, and who doesn’t and needs some provided, I can make a little shopping trip beforehand. I wouldn’t buy colors though (i got enough lying around^^), only brushes. Which you would get to keep after the painting session.
Those should only amount to a few €uros, though. (I don’t buy the ridiculously expensive GW brushes, but will find some from regular art suppliers much cheaper :wink: )

For beginners, basically only two brushes are needed anyways: a “standard” one, with which you will do most of your painting, and a “fine” one, for finnicky details like eyes or tiny highlights and stuff.

Optionally, a third, “rough” brush (for drybrushing e.g.) can be obtained - but I think I got a number of those lying around as well, so will likely not buy any new ones. Especially as you won’t essentially need them, and so can still always buy them for yourselves later on, if you wish.

Well, wednesday is not ideal for me. At least next week. Therefore I have to pass. Perhaps there will be a follow-up session, which I’d gladly join.

Have fun!

Alright, or maybe we can find an alternative date?

How would Tuesday (2nd of Sept) work for y’all?

My school starts in Sep, so I don’t think I’ll be able to join you until Jan/Feb.

[quote=“Auburney”]Alright, or maybe we can find an alternative date?

How would Tuesday (2nd of Sept) work for y’all?[/quote]

Tuesday would work better for me…

I am fine with it, if the date stays as it is (Aug. 27th).
Like I said, if there is another session, I’m your painting man! If not, doesn’t matter! I usually hold no grudges.

second RAISE DEAD in a row

Are you guys still doing this?