Mighty adventurers wanted for planescape adventure [FULL]

Let me tell you, being an orange horse was never easy. All the black beauties and the white snobs, hell even the standard brown horses treated me like a disease. So when this crazy half-orc Thruza came around and something clicked between us, it was the best thing that ever could have happened. We went on amazing adventures together, although I still don’t understand how we could meet so many evil books in just a short time. However, recently things are getting increasingly weird; and believe me, I have seen a lot of strange things on our travels. Have you ever heard of a town called Sigil? Well, when we arrived, the first thing we saw this huge, fiery, ugly looking bastard that could have killed me with one swipe, and then this lady came around and just got rid of him without even having to draw weapons. But this was just the beginning of the strangeness – from Sigil we went to several different places (I think this bard – Ulben – called them planes) and, among others, met the gray sisters (guess what – they were not as nice as they seemed at first), visited a pillar of skulls with some nasty old acquaintances, saw a five-headed dragon, freed a gigantic person with wings (still not sure if this was a good idea), and finally chased after a crazy ship that apparently is connected to some souls we are chasing after. Thruza just wanted to help her clan, but somehow we got drawn into a war between Devils, Demons and Angels, made deals with untrustworthy people (including a flying fox) and, to sum it up – are in deep crazy shit. I just hope we find some mighty adventurers that could help us out of it…

Hard facts: We (@Lux_Tenebraeque as DM and @Col_Mustard_Ret and myself as players) started a Dnd Planescape-Adventure on VALUE some time ago and are now planning to spin this off into a separate campaign. For this, we are still looking for approximately 3 players to complete our party. This adventure is mainly exploration- and story driven and takes place – well everywhere (on different planes). We would start with character level 10 (though if you prefer to start at a lower level we can also work with that). We are planning to do this approximately bi-weekly on Saturdays. If you are interested, just drop us a line, we are happy to hear from you.


slams that button

These boots won’t walk the great ring themselves!

I am definitely interested, let us talk logistics in more detail to be sure I can do it…


Remember your friend, the huntress of Erynmor, who never missed a single shot and killed your enemies before you were able to draw your sword? She would like to continue to help Thruza on her adventures throughout the multiverse :slight_smile:

PS: Somewhere, cruising through wildspace on his modified Nautiloid, there is a certain mysteriuos professor, researching the darkness beyond the stars and the creatures lurking in it. If Thruza needs the professor’s help, if she needs him to cast his otherwordly magic, he will know, and he will answer :octopus:

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Would you be open to letting a younger player in the campaign? My son is 12 and has been playing DnD for a couple years. He has been going to the Saturday brunch, but that hasn’t happened in the last month and he would really like to find a regular campaign. You wouldn’t need to make accomodations for him. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Im fairly new to dnd (only played a few oneshots at level 1 before) but would definitely be interested if that’s not a problem for you :blush:


If there’s still space, I’d love to join.

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i always wanted to play DnD but unfortunately i never had the chance because i was very overwhelmed with the ruleset and nobody around me was interested in it. Now after about 300 hours of playing in baldur’s gate 3 I feel more or less a bit more prepared and have the courage to look for a DnD group. Unfortunately I have no experience with the real DnD game, but if you would be willing to include me in your group, I would do everything I could to prepare myself so that I could be a useful part of your group from the very beginning. The description of your campaign sounds super interesting and I would be very happy to hear back from you