Ok, I finally received the part to fix my laptop screen. But, to my horror, when I tried to look into it, I noticed some very tiny screws for me to reöove that were too small for anything I have.

So, anybody knows where I can buy some micro-screwdrivers in Vienna? Or has a set I could borrow for a day or so?

Smaller than eyeglass screws? If not, you could try eyeglass stores, see if they have repair screwdrivers.

Actually, yeah, eyeglass screws seems about right. Good idea!

In the US, you could also count on finding them at CVS, but I don’t know if DM or Apothekes carry them here.

Thankfully, one of the department technician had a set he let me borrow.

I will probably need to buy my own at some point, but there is no hurry…

Nope, your first instinct was right. Opticians are the easiest place to find them here.

I bought my set at Zgonc, but I only went there because it’s close to my flat, it was dirt cheap as well, about 2,50 for a set, had expected way more.

Do you go there often? As mentioned, I’ll probably my own set at some point soonish…

I don’t go there often, but it’s across the street of my preferred supermarket, so I can go there Saturday morning and pick one up for you.

Also? Check Hofer’s circular every week. They have the most random stuff for sale. I got my chili-cutting gloves, WD-40, a nice roasting pan, yarn for the cats to play with… all KINDS of crap there. And there is always some form of tool on sale.

Indeed, I actually got a very nice set of hearbuds for my Ipod there… It’s like, the coolest ever…

Thanks Philip, much appreciated.

And, by the way, the laptop’s screen seems to work.
Well, the internet connection is down again, but that’s hardly a surprise and probably not related to my fix…