Merry merry solstice

As promised some time earlier this year.

A nice song for the holidays :smiley:

Happy holidays

The second I saw the title, I thought of completely ignoring the content of the post and linking that song.
“Wait “nice song”… She couldn’t mean…”
opens up
“Damn it, there goes my plan.”

That being said, I’d warmly recommend all the related songs as well. Good stuff.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

humms I saw mommy kissing Yoggsothtoth…

Wow there is a Cthulhu-carol scene o_O

not really … there is the (very motivated) H P Lovecraft Historical Society, who did this as well as a Cthulhu Mythos Version of the Fiddler of the Roof musical and an awesome silent movie!

The movie was pretty impressive indeed.