Masks: A New Generation One Shot [Full]

Hey guys I want to try out the RPG Masks: A New Generation in an one shot. Masks is a RPG where you play as a young team of superheroes, trying to manage their superhero life and mundane life. Can you defeat the dastardly villain when you also have to navigate the threats of teenage life. Who are you with and without the Mask?

This is a PbtA (Powered by the Apocalypse) game meaning it is a lot more narrative than other games like DnD. I have never played this game before but it sounds like fun so I want to try it out. I would be the GM and looking for interested players for a one shot. Don’t worry if you know nothing about the game, I will try to explain everything.

Premise: Halcyon city is full of heroes and villains, but you’re not there yet. You are stuck in Elderwood Academy a school for the “Integration of Metahumans into society”. Even with powers school is school and both your parents and the adult heroes are expecting much from you. How did you handle your first crisis and find your team?

If you are interested write me here, or shoot me a message here or on Discord (BufoBufo)

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I am in


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Sounds interesting :ok_hand:

I’m in.


I love masks. Never played it tho.
Would also be interested :slight_smile:


Sound intriguing! I’m also in - and hungover @Stracci as well :slight_smile: :joy:


would also like to join - Superheroes yeah :man_superhero:


For those interested I have some stuff here, but no worries I will explain everything at the table.

Masks is a 2d6 system meaning if you want to take an action/make a move you roll 2d6 and add your modifier. On a 6 and lower you miss, on a 7-9 you make a weak hit and on a 10+ you have a strong hit. Weak hits often are not as powerful as strong hits or have consequences, while during a miss the GM gets to make a move.

Your modifiers come from your stats called labels. They represent how you see yourself and how society sees you. These labels are:

Danger: Do you see yourself as strong and threatening? Does society see you as a potential danger? (The Hulk would have high danger)

Freak: Are you strange unique and powerful but also foreign to society? Are you outside natural understanding? (Batman would have low Freak, while Martian Manhunter would be higher)

Savior: Are you noble and self-sacrificing, good at guarding and protecting? Does society see you as overbearing an moralizing? (Superman would be high there)

Superior: Do you see yourself as the best and smartest in the room with the perfect inventions and plans? Do others see you as arrogant and haughty? (Tony Stark would have high superior, the Hulk would have low (he smashes))

Mundane: Do you see yourself as human and relatable? Do others see you as approachable but also normal and uninteresting? (Robin would have high mundane)

These labels can change during play.

There are no races and classes but rather things called playbooks. They represent your archetype, in a way that means what relation you have to the world and your powers. The powers can be very open and you can decide what you want.

For example let’s take the Avatar from Avatar: The Last Airbender

If you think that your conflict stems from living up to your past selves and the legacy they bring you might play a “Legacy”

If you think that you are powerful but untrained and your powers are uncontrollable then you might want to play as a “Nova”

Or if you think that your conflict comes from having to deal with your own ideas against those of your teachers you might be a “Protégé”

This is just a list of examples.

Generally the tone is like this (Thanks to A_Martian_Potato)

Beacon - drama from being an eager superhero without actual flashy powers

Transformed - Drama from being unable to hide how different you are

Doomed - Drama from having an inevitable force coming for you

Janus - Drama from having to keep your superhero and non-superhero lives separate

Legacy - Drama from having to live up to your families legacy

Protege - Drama from having to balance your mentors expectations with your own goals

Outsider - Drama from being unfamiliar with how the world works

Delinquent - Drama from having a chip on your shoulder with regards to authority

Bull - Drama from being changed and having a relation to your “love” and be better than your “rival”

Nova - Drama from being unable to fully control your power

Reborn – Drama due being a new creation and unfamiliar and outside the world

Scion – Drama from being a child of a villain

Brain – Drama from having being the smartest but having created a “great shame”

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