Marshes of Vindobona mini-campaign

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Hi all,

I would like to host a mini-campaign inspired by a Reddit post “Why Rome is the Perfect D&D Setting”. The action will take place in a DnD 5e Universe loosely resembling 100 AD Europe. In this specific scenario the heroes will be sent to investigate and deal with troubles at the new outpost at its north-east border.

Characters & home rules

The campaign does not have any restricitons for the players class. Any V.A.L.U.E. compliant charachter will do. Heroes will start at lvl 1 progressing to lvl5 over 4-6 sessions (each 3-5 hours long) spread over the next couple of months. Level up happens at the end of each session. Game is capped at lvl5. If a player reaches level 5 before the end of the campaign there will be options to select a special feats instead of levelling up.

There will be minor house-rules. I will introduce them during the first session.

Game style

I run my games in a relaxed “Bier & Pretzel” style :slightly_smiling_face: with even mix of role-play, exploration and fight.


I plan to play every other week either at the die Requisite (Fridays) or Sägwerk Wien (Saturdays).

How to join

Please write a message here if you would like to join. Up to 6 places is available. Spots will be given on first-came-first-served basis. Joined players will have their place reserved at my table for the duration of the campaign.

I plan to start as soon as possible (e.g. this Friday) once I have minimum number of players (2-3).

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sounds great :slight_smile:

have fun :vulcan_salute:

(might be able to join at some Saturdays … no promises sadly)

Love this group :grin: