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Wow. Even Acorna’s Tax Haven? I’m impressed!

Wow. Even Acorna’s Tax Haven? I’m impressed![/quote]

Hey, man, Dinosaur Planet: The Snails Evolve was so underappreciated.

Wow. Even Acorna’s Tax Haven? I’m impressed![/quote]

Hey, man, Dinosaur Planet: The Snails Evolve was so underappreciated.[/quote]
I hereby concede and bow to your level of McCaffreyism. :smiley:

I hereby concede and bow to your level of McCaffreyism. :smiley:[/quote]

And I hadn’t even gotten to Secondguessing the Decision at Doona…

A couple more, this time in English:

7th Sea Game Masters’ Guide

Hardcover, in very nice shape. Anybody interested in these?

the 7th sea thing is for SavageWorlds or do i mix stuff up?

Nope, 7th Sea is its own game. But since much of the book is background, using it with Savage Worlds or other generic systems should be pretty simple.

And while I’m purging, two as new D&D Ravenloft novels: Scholar of Decay & Tapestry of Dark Souls. Anybody want to swap a beer for a book?

I got both of these Ravenloft novels myself :smiley: but I’d be interested in the Earthdawn book

Conversely, I’m looking for a 7th Sea Players Guide if anyone has one gathering dust in a closet…

In case our recent tournament kindled somebody’s interest in AD&D, I know a fellow who is selling the deluxe limited reprints of the three core books for a non-absurd sum. Drop me a line should you be interested.

I’d be interested in d&d and other roleplaying books ect you have for beginners and I’d be happy to pay for them.

Mint Condition Pathfinder books for sale!
Ultimate Equipment
NPC Codex
Bestiary 3
Advanced Race Guide

PM me if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Clockwork and Chivalry, 2nd Ed. Core Rule Book. Link

Recently moved to a new place and while unpacking remembered I acquired this at some point, but never got it to the table. I’d probably be better off hauling around books I actually use. Will swap or sell. PM me. :slight_smile:

Anybody know where I can get a Dracolich miniature (or similar large/huge skeletal dragon-oid) on relatively short notice? Simon maybe you have a snake skeleton model at the Vetmeduni that I could borrow? :wink:

I wish Damage Unlimited stocked more minis…

I had to take matters (and legos) into my own hands. :smiling_imp:

Time for another spring cleaning, and time to resurrect this thread!

Some friends and I have some board games we’d like to move on to good homes, mainly because several of us already have them on our shelves.

Dominion. The one that started it all. Fascinating game design.
Thunderstone. Deckbuilders go to the dungeon. Bring torches.

Lord of the Rings. I still like this one. And, hey, Tolkien. (Hard, though.)

Epic Fantasy:
Adventures in Middle-earth. More Tolkien. Much more.

Beer & Pretzels:
Liar’s Dice. Pure fun.

Beer & Pandas:
Zooloretto. Cute, but surprisingly cutthhroat.

Quarto. Pretty!
Kahuna. Kosmos!
Ingenious. Knizia!
Invers. Frustrating!

Area Control:
El Grande. A fixture on those best boardgame ever lists.

Speed Circuit. Cars.
Um Reifenbreite. Bikes.

Pacific War. Supposedly epic, but I’m not a wargamer.

Some English, some German. Conditions vary from played a million times to unpunched. If you’re interested in adding any of these to your collections, just drop me a line.

Up next: Roleplaying games …

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Oh, Dominion, El Grande, both classic. Both game I would very much like in my library (ludorery?)

And I would happily give the war game a try too!

I’m totally stealing the word ludorery!

You black-hearted knave!

well well well,

I also Need more space on my shelves so here goes the first bunch; all in very good condition:

Cthulhu Spielleiter Handbuch 2nd Edition
Cthulhu Spieler Handbuch 2nd Edition
Cthulhu Necronomicon 2nd Edition
Cthulhu Arcana Cthulhiana

Edge of the Empire

more to follow…