Making a Pathfinder 2e group


Have you ever thought that you were born too early to explore space and too late to explore the world? Oh boy do i have exciting news for you! You are just in time to play make-belive with strangers, roll shiny math rocks and find new friends!

I will be hosting a longish term Pf2e game at my place in the near future.

The game will be a heavily re-written Thomb of Annihilation game. (So heavily in fact that mostly only the map will be the same)

I have years of experience running DND, but now want to jump into running some Pathfinder games, after having played the system a bit, so anyone who doesn’t know the system, is also very welcome to lear it together :smile:

Currently looking for 2-3 players who can reliably make the time to join.

We will be playing every Sunday after 6:30pm to about 10:00pm-ish.

The tone of the game will be lighter hearted, but I will reserve the right to veto any “joke-characters” to keep immersion intact.


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