Mage wanted - regular group (mostly Tuesdays evenings), homebrew system

I’m the GM of an established group running my own system and game world (fantasy).

We are looking for one more player, and it should be a mage (of any kind) as the group has enough fighter types but only one character with limited magic talent. A full-blown mage is needed.

We play today, so if you are really spontaneous… otherwise, every Tuesday, mostly. I’ll be happy to answer questions about system and game world as well, or you can just jump in and enjoy.

We play in English.

Would definitely be interestedn. What time? Tuesday is actually a very conveniant day for me from midday to noon. But I can’t play too far after midnight.

Is it discord or irl?

It’s face-2-face, usually one of the players hosts, near Schönbrunn. Our usual starting time is 18:00 though sometimes it’s 18:30 if people come later due to work. We usually finish at around 22:00, latest 23:00 since we all need to work the next day.

Send me a PM with phone number and/or Discord and we can discuss, make a character, etc.

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