Mage The Ascension: looking for a group

Hi all,
I would really love the chance to play and/or run a game of White Wolf’s World of Darkness “Mage The Ascension”. Being a fan of role playing vs fighting, Mage has always fascinated me for what I consider the “maturity” and “depth” of this RPG.

I would gladly join an ongoing campaign but also run games for people interested in the game like myself.

Anyone out there?

I’ve recently become very interested in the World of Darkness games, for the very same reasons you cite.

So far, I have only really looked into Vampire: the Masquerade (V5), but I would be happy to join a Mage game as well :slightly_smiling_face: (not sure I can sustain a campaign, but I would love to try out the system).

Im also interested into world of darkness - played a few sessions of vampire a very long time ago and planed to look into it again soon.

When the thursdays Indie-crowd re-opens one day … I could dm a V5 oneshot (or two) :slight_smile:

I recently updated an oneshot, I ran a couple of years ago, that used an older edition to the new V5 version
-> Rust to Rust
(the posts are still for the V20 edition though)

No ideas for a Mage-game have spawned … yet :wink:

Won’t have time to dm a campaign sadly …


would be also in for the one shot

If I have an idea for a Mage-oneshot, I will let you know ^^

Hey Hamer, would love to try it. I’ve been looking at Mage for quite a while - never played it but liked what I heard/read about the setting

I’m also in for the VtM one shot :slight_smile:
And in the meantime I’ll do homework on Mage and seek ideas for a one shot.

so good news :tada:
had an idea for a Mage-oneshot

give me a couple of weeks to polish it :smiling_imp: :genie:

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will we play the Revised Edition of the '90s? I have the books of this edition and like a lot the melanconic athmosphere of this setting, but I downloaded from The Trove also the 20th Anniversary Edition, in case…

I will use the Mage 20th Anniversary Edition (M20),
but rulewise the changes between them are not big

M20 includes the stuff of several old sourcebooks with the material a bit streamlined and some added text for clarification
(think of it as good-houseruled version of the 90s Books in one big tome ^^)
There is sadly no M5 yet

I will provide/build a lovely bunch of pregenerated characters
including a “What can my Spheres do?” sheet for each one,
but first I have to polish the plot/setting-idea … I am still at the draft-stage
and I have a 3-shot (Star Trek: Klingons) in the works, that still needs some love :wink:

When I am more-ready I will make a thread about it anyway
(it will look a bit like the Rust to Rust one I linked to earlier in the thread … with probably less southpark-characterpictures :smiley: )

cheers :slight_smile:

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