Maby it is a crazy idea but

I have never runned a game before but I have a idea

I would run a game over Whatsapp on a virtual table (in german)
It maby slows down the gameplay or not becouse the schedule drops away

Let me know what you think about

Cool idea. Maybe check out and use Discord for chat. I’ve done it before. It works pretty well!

what @Otschi describes here sounds more like a “play by post” thing than roll20, roll20 is pretty awesome though :smiley:

Yes the idea is that not everyone has to be online the same Time

It is more like the story is told in small parts and the player answer with what they want to do

It will also be the first test for the setting I created

So who wants to be in

So I opened a discord server for this

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Sounds really cool! I’d love to be part of this.
I’ve heard about games containing small elements like what you describe. For example when in a campaign the players want to send a letter to let’s say the king of the realm calling for help against the bad guy, the GM would send their letter as a text to someone else who then responds as the King.

A whole game of that would be ineresting.

So this is not letter based but you can just join via the link

I think I will start as soon as we have 3 players

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