Lost Mines Of Phandelver, Parsley GM, Session 3

I am absolutely not averse to playing on weeknight evenings, but I had a lot of fun Saturday (even with the dying!), and maybe we could do that again? I’m gonna let @Parsley create the doodle, because atm, my schedule is more flexible than hers.

i don’t mind playing week nights, but long sessions that start early and don’t end as late then are pretty damn awesome :slight_smile:, also roberto is looking forward to decapitating more goblins :smiley:

So, got the doodle up and running. Since I’m not feeling 100% and my week is already cramped, next week are the first dates I can muster.

I liked the long session too and would like to do it again! It was really comfy.

Updated them doodles

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So… October 22?

Ignore me. I didn’t realize @Simon hadn’t yet doodled.

I just did, October 22 should work


w00t! Going in my calendar now. I would be happy to host again.


Shall we say 14:00 again?

14:00 sounds nice to me

Works for me! :slight_smile:

for me too

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