Looking to start a new 5e Campaign! @SpielBar

Alright, so here’s the deal.

I just joined the meetup fun here and noticed a lot of people like to play D&D 5e and I’m one of those people.
So how about we rally some 5e enthusiasts and start a new campaign?

Now, I’d like to prefer playing a PC myself and leaving the DMing to someone else who has more experience than I do. I am - however - willing to come up with a campaign on my own and try to DM it for you if nobody else wants to :smiley:

Let’s first get a headcount on interested people and then discuss, who would like to DM and then see from there.

Looking forward to your replies!


Hi Marc,
I would love to play. I play D&D 5e a bit, so I am familiar how the game works, but I have never been to SpielBar. How often do you want to meet? Unfortunately I can’t meet once a week, more like 1 or 2 a month. So if this isn’t a option, I can’t participate.
What level campaign are you thinking? I would like to do a 1/2 level campaign.
Best regards

Well all of that depends on the people that want to join in on this.
Personally I would like to meet weekly and if the group is big enough we can maybe think of a way to have some players not join every single adventure if they can’t.
Also I would prefer to start at level 1 so players who are new to the game or at least new to D&D 5e can learn the game while growing into their character.

Hi, cool. Of course, I understand you. Unfortunately I just can’t do weekly. But we could agree on a first meeting date, or? I think I have a friend who is also interested… Just let me know. BR M

Alright, sure! Well, as most D&D players seem to meet up on Thursdays, we should maybe use a different day at around 18:00 (6 am) to 19:00 (7 am), whatever goes best for you, so the others have enough space to play their one shots and other campaigns. I also have a friend that would be very happy to join in on this so we would be 4 already!

Hi. Next friday, 04.05. 18:00? (we could start earlier too). Are you dming? We come allready with characters, so we don’t loose time making them. (We use classes and races from Players Handbook). Maybe I ask someone else. If not we would be 3+1, right? (Is there possibly to direct message you to talk more about what we are gonna do?)

To be very honest I would really like to play myself and not DM xD
But Friday sounds nice^^ Works for me at least. I’d use PHB Characters only too.

Hello everyone!

I am interested in playing DND 5e or at least trying it myself. I have never played DND before, but I play pathfinder since august 2017.

If there is still a slot open, I´d gladly join you guys.

Now I don´t have the players handbook and I don´t have a character sheet. Does anybody know good sources where I could print my Charactersheet?

please message me if there is still a slot open.

Greetings Christoph

Hi Christoph,
I think there is still a slot open (right Marc?).

The easiest way is to create your character via www.dndbeyond.com, there you have alle the races and classes (there are a bunch of tutorial videos on youtube, f.e.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYvu6xyA-Kc&index=14&list=PLq8DIL0O-i-mbojnENKP0lg9vPKvZwHMZ)

Looking forward to meet you.


Of course there is still space!

If I’m going to DM, which it looks like atm, I’m planning a campaign for 3-5 players. Turns out my friend will not join us.

That would make us 3 players and me as DM so far! :smiley: Although I would still prefer someone else being DM xD

For the Character Creation, I will bring the Player’s Handbook to each session, so if you want to create a character, I can walk you through the process before the first session. Also for the other characters, it would be nice to at least know your Races, Classes and Backgrounds in advance so I can fit you in my campaign :slight_smile: Just message me the info.

So as of now it looks like I’m going to DM and we have 3 players so far out of 5 players maximum (I have experience DMing for more players but that’s just too much for me xD)


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I am a bigtime DnD Fan and am quite versed with the rules. I would love to play too and might be able to host a oneshot or two once I know the players. Since I haven’t DMed yet I don’t feel up to a campaign though. Maybe at some point in the future.


Alright then let’s just start with the first adventure and see from there. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard! :smiley:

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Hey there, I’d also be highly interested in joining. I only recently played my first campaign (one shots based on an adventure guild) but I simply had too much fun as to skip out on dnd in the future.

But I guess you guys are full already? Friday wouldn’t be that good of a day for me anyways. I only seem to have time on tue/thur/sat/sun :frowning:
If you need another player/the timeslot changes just give me a heads up. C:


Looking forward to meet you all!

This is the plan, if not the DM Marc is correcting something:

We start at 18:00 the campaign. Friday 04.05. in SpielBar.
Everybody who needs to create a character should come earlier.

I can help with the Players Handbook to create. (but as I said, its super easy to create with dndbeyond.com and the tutorial video). If you need me, just let me know…


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It looks like with you we have a full party and would be ready to start! As for the date and time we can still change that later on. This friday is supposed to be the kindof getting to know each other and see how the party performs / likes each other and the DM (hopefully xD) session

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I will bring the Player’s Handbook and empty Character Sheets and will be there at 17:00 to help you guys create characters if needed!
All you guys need to bring is maybe some pens and a few sheets of paper for your personal notes. I will bring enough dice for everyone but if you want to bring your own lucky set of dice, go ahead! :smiley:


Would be nice since I usually am occupied on fridays till 8 or even later. But we’ll see. ^^

Depending on the campaign setting, I´d go for an evil Tiefling warlock, or a Chaotic good Half-Elf Bard, who focuses on learning everything possible ( gimme the lore Mr. DM :stuck_out_tongue: )

Warlock would be the most interesting for me, since it´s the first time for me reading about this class. the others sound at least familiar from other from other games.

Hmm how about any Neutral or Good aligned Tiefling Warlock? I would have a perfect background for it that fits in the campaign I prepared so far. I don’t really like DMing Evil Campaigns tbh xD

I will keep the lore coming for you either way, no worries! One thing I really enjoy doing is coming up with lore and stories :smiley:

Hi folks, the group looks full already if I count correctly but I will still try my luck as I am also currently without a group and would love to play. Any chance of a free spot, even alternating in case not everybody can make it?

As additional motivation, I could also volunteer to GM something at a later stage - I would need to warm up with DnD a bit as I have mostly played other things, but I have a world out there that could be adapted to the needs… :grinning:

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