Looking to DM some 5e adventures

Hello everyone,

so the time might not be the best one to have personal meet-ups, but it does take some time to organise a meeting and find suitable players afaik. Thinking ahead, here’s what I’m looking for:

  • a group of 3 to 6 players
  • an exciting D&D 5e adventure with a combat/social/exploration ratio of approx. 30/30/40 and definitely with some horror/mystery elements as well as some homebrew vampires (yes, vampires are a must at some point)
  • a session 0 to grasp what kind of setting the group will be playing in (ranges from typical high fantasy to sci-fi survival) and what kind of topics we will or will not be dealing with
  • a few sessions with one-shots and/or some short story-arcs borrowed from official modules to get acquainted
  • proactive English-speaking players (beginners welcome) who can play on Tuesdays from 8pm to about midnight
  • players who are ready to organise the meetings and chat OOC with a different service than Discord (e.g. Mail, Roll20,…
  • players shall be 2 times vaccinated with booster and ready to provide a valid PCR test to join a live session

You can call me Gru (he/him) and I’m a rather new DM in my late 30ies. I can organise a location we can play at. I’ve had some games online and, honestly speaking, I really want to delve into live session and an immersive experience.

Should you be interested, just drop a line and I’ll get in touch with you for all further details.

Thank you for reading and happy 2022, everyone.

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I would like to join your campain, but cant private message you yet cause of the restrictions on new members.
I do play D&D 5E for roughly 2 years now and im a big fan! (the hype is still up and will properbly nerver go away^^)
I will write you in private when im allowed to. Do you know how long that usually takes?


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