Looking forward to join a virtual/hybrid Group

Hey there, I’m a DM from Upper Austria, soon to be relocating to Vorarlberg. When one is changing his setting ;), it usually brings about some alterations :smiley: I’ve been DMing a Homebrew Campaign but will be lacking the time to thoroughly prep it in the future (until I’m settled in). So i thought that the time was right, to be prodding into the terrain of being a player again :D.

I tend to be a very committed person to our sessional cause, if my work allows me to do so, which should be easily feasible (I’ll take any nightshift over as to miss a single session :D) However it should be feasible if I know the dates in advance. So, anyways, I’d prefer a virtual group (U know it‘s Vorarlberg). I really love to engage in role play and immersing others within it. If my schedule allows it I wouldn’t mind going to Vienna :wink:

To finish the post, maybe sth. about me: Currently I’m 28 years old, I do enjoy movies, especially on a decent screen in an appropriate environment, I Like Anime, love cats and enjoy cooking :smiley: Whenever Food is not available I tend to make cocktails :smiley: Apart from that, I do enjoy tackling the lore of a setting, diving into it and find a place for my PC. Interaction is fundamental for me. On the other hand I like to explore what the world has to offer and have a good time doing so So to speak have a gleeful time at the table, may it be virtual or in person.

Why do I post this late? Cause of Baldurs Gate! (III)