Looking for Warhammer 40k people

Heya, not your typical rpg lfg buuut I’m looking for people who would be interested in playing some Warhammer 40k wargaming.

Sadly the GW stores stopped hosting the public events for the time being so I thought I’d look into other communities. I’d like to try out the 9th edition rules, and already have a few armies along with the terrain that should be suitable for a proper battle.

Hit me up if you want to arrange some battles (or learn to play, you could use one of my armies)

For the uninitiated, think of wargaming as tabletop turn based strategy - game looks like this:

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Yes please i would love to ever since the gw stopped allowing playing there i was searching for an opportunity. I have Crons, Custodes, Admech, Deathguard and Knights ^^

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awesome! curiously we don’t have overlapping factions and I like that :slight_smile: (Orks, SM, CSM)

I’ll PM you so we can align the details.

Any other old/new players feel free to raise your hand

yeah sure hit me up ^^

@Gammageddon (check your inbox :smiley: )

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