Looking for two people for our beginner group! ^^

Hi there! My name is Tamy and I’m working on a dnd group with two of my friends. All of us are total beginners, with some side experience from youtube videos or short adventures on conventions. So we would be glad to have two people join our group who are also preferably beginners. :slight_smile: We are 19, 19 and 18, so someone around that age would be nice (if you’re a little older than that’s no problem) One of us already volunteered to be the DM, that’s why we will only need players. ^^

German and English is fine with us and besides that, the usual stuff. Be a nice and decent person and we will get along! :smiley:

Also, we wouldn’t start right away with our adventure. I thought of a little get to know each other somewhere in Vienna and see if it fits and if we would be able to sit together for a few hours. xD

If you have any questions, pleaaaseee ask them. I’m more than happy to answer. :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to meet new people!


Hello! I am also a somewhat of a noob player since most of my dnd knowledge comes from watching Critical Role. And I have definitely been interested in playing in a more long term campaign so yours sound great!

Hello! I am not a beginner but my experience with the game is very little. I would like to join if possible.

Hi, yeah that’s perfect! Do you maybe have a discord so we could get in contact? In case you’re not comfortable with putting your dc here, you can totally add me: derechtedovahkiin

Hey, that’s totally okay! :slight_smile: If you have discord maybe you could add me there and I can invite you on our server ^^ My dc would be: derechtedovahkiin

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Hi, I am also very interested in your group. I hsve very little experience and I really would like to join an start a campaign

Hello! I just moved from Canada and am looking for some people to play with. I’m still new to D&D but really enjoy it and am interested in you group if you are still looking for players! Let me know!