Looking for SCYTHE group / players

Hey everyone, I am a big fan of Scythe and have a few friends in Vienna who dabble in it as well. We are looking to expand our group / join another group for some regular games (even potentially playing the Rise of the Fenris campaign). Hopefully we will find some fans on this forum. Let me know!


Hey! I have all the expansions & also the campaign; which I barely started before the group disbanded when COVID started :sweat_smile:

Hey mate, that is unfortunate to say the least! I also have all the upgrades apart from the Rise of the Fenris which I told myself I wouldn’t get unless there’s a good group to play with. Let me know if you would like to join me and a friend this weekend (or any other time for some games). Also let me know how you would like to get in touch (Discord / Whatsapp / IG / etc)