Looking for players who dare to play with a new DM

Hey guys!

Name is Patrick, I’m 27 years old and, as the title hopefully conveys a bit, I’m looking for a group of people willing to play a game of D&D 5e. I have been playing 5th edition for 2.5 years now and want to also dip my toes into the DMing waters.
I have no previous experience in DMing, so this will be a lot of lessons learned for me.

The game should be bi-weekly (every two weeks) in the beginning and maybe if I am confident enough I can do weekly but that is future future talk.

If anyone is interested just hit me up.
I will probably set up a Discord channel or something so we can coordinate better.

Regarding the world at hand, I don’t know yet if I’m going to run a module first and then switch over to a homebrew world.
But the way I envision my world is one where there is an abundance of magic in some places and a lack of it in others. It can be high-magic or low-magic depending on the location.
Low-magic areas would mean “high”-technology where as technology is still limited to medieval ages, maybe a bit of steam power.

P.S.: the game will be held in English, as I feel more comfortable RPing in it.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, I will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Hope to see you soon,

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Hey Patrick!

I might be interested in joining. Do you have an approximate idea of when you would like to start?

Hey stochastic_wolf

Not sure yet. I still have to ease my way into DMing and everything around it, but if it so happens that I find players fast. I could run ‘Mines of Phandelver’ and create my world from there later on.
I’d say, since I’m in the middle of appartment hunting, reallistically end of September beginning of October.

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Hey there id be very interested to join up with you guys! Im not thaz experienced at dnd yet… hope that doesnt pose a problem

Hi Patrick,

I could be a potential candidate! I have some experience (limited) but would be interested in dipping my toes back into it and wouldn’t mind running a standard and non-standard world with you. Which district are you in?

Hey Patrick,
I would also be interested to join and wouldn´t mind playing either a module or homebrew. I also have a little of experience as both a player and a DM :smiley:

Hey Patrick!
I would love to join your campaign! I used to play dnd 5e a while ago and took a break and I was looking to get back into it :slight_smile:
I would be happy if you’d have me

Hey there!

I have been looking for a dnd group for ages, maybe yours is the right one for me ^^ i sincerely hope it works out :slight_smile:

Hello people!

Small status update so you don’t think this thread is dead:

I’m sooo hyped that people are actually interested :smile:.
I have bought ‘Mines of Phandelver’ and will start pouring over it from this weekend onwards.
I will set up the discord channel/server as soon as I find time. probably today (Thursday).

As to more details on my world: I haven’t had much time to work on anything really, so I will most probably run Phandelver first and integrate it in to my world in some way, shape, or form.
In the mean time you could think about what you want to play, and if you have no clue yet or don’t have resources I will send you the Player’s Handbook, as soon as the discord stuff is set up.

In the meantime you could write me which days you would be able & willing to play and how long.

@Napsta no problem, all levels of experience are welcome

@Kergy29 perfect, I hope this will be an amazing reentry into D&D then :slight_smile: 22. district, but I doubt, we can do it at my place, I have a 1 room appartment that I’m moving out of in the near future (hopefully)

@Phipsovic perfect can’t wait to talk to you

@Sin everyone needs a bit of Sinning in their life (badum-tss), but yes I would love to have you

@Jayce me too man, me too, thats why i switched gears to wannabe DM :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your patience,

I have a D&D Beyond subscription and own most sourcebooks on there and could share it with anyone who wants so you’ll have more options to choose from :smile:

Okay thats pretty hype :smiley: Im gonna start looking into the specifics of character creation in dnd (only did pathfinder and Anima up until this point ). Should we let you have our discord details?

Yes discord names via PM or in the thread if you don’t mind other people knowing also :stuck_out_tongue:.

Ok great! Then we should probs think about who plays what so we don’t end up with 5 Tiefling rogues or sth x)
My disc tag: Sin#8517
I am sooo hyped!!!

Well since im not granted the rights to dm anyone yet…

Nice to see everyone so motivated😁

I sent everyone, who sent me their discord name, a friend request. you can edit the message if you have privacy concerns and remove them again.

Very much motivated! I don’t have all the materials yet, but look to get my own Player’s Handbook, Volos Monsters and Xanathars Guide. Just got a discord: Kergy29#0989. Look forward to dividing up responsibilities! I’m also in the 22nd, by the way :slight_smile:

My Discord tag is Phipsovic#3493 :smiley:

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