Looking for players to test a beginners adventure | Pagan Pacts

Hi everybody,

I’m currently in the process of editing and finalizing a little adventure for publication on DTRPG and the Pagan Pacts website (https://paganpacts.com).

So right now I’m looking for some players who’d want to try out a more grounded Viking Fantasy game.

Session coming up on Thursday the 30th, about 18h to 22h. Frankly I can’t tell if it will be done in a single session, but so far we’ve mostly been playing episodic games.

Anyone interested in joining in next week or some other time after that?

Hey hey, have little to no idea what you are talking about but I do enjoy viking fantasy setting and would be curious to try something like that. Also, what’s the place for the game?

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Cool, prior knowledge is not a requirement at all. In fact, in this case the feedback from someone completely new to this game might be most valuable.

The game will be at my place in the 5th district. I’ll send you a direct message

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