Looking for players in Hietzing


I am Sebastian, a 22 year old Austrian living in Hietzing. I have been playing DnD since a while now, but only sporadically and only the Lost Mines of Phandelver camaign with a premade character, which means that I am still a beginner.
I just got my new dice, and now I want to play more often - that’s why I am.posting here, looking for players/groups to play with :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my DnD playing friends already have “full“ groups, so I can’t simply join them…

I’ve heard that there are DnD groups in the Spielbar, right? But you can’t really join a group during their campaign, so how do they handle new players? Also, due to the closure of the U4 Pilgramgasse (at which I normally would switch to the 13A) it is quite a hassle to get to the Spielbar from Hietzing :frowning:

Are there possibly groups playing in Hietzing or close to Hietzing, looking for new players?