Looking for players for pathfinder 2e - The fall of plaguestone

Hello everyone,
I am looking for some players for pathfinder 2nd edition. I have this far only dmed dnd 5e and a one shot for pathfinder so I am rather new to the system, but from what I know the fall of plaguestone is pretty much an introductory adventure anyways.
Since I have been working on some world building for quite some time now I’ll also add some minor adjustments andtweaks to the campaign to make it fit into that setting (nothing major, just a bit of fluff).
A bit about myself - I’m a 20 year old university student. While I am very passionate about ttrpgs I also love sports (basketball in particular) and suffer from being a league player (don’t interpret this as me being toxic, I just want to add some stuff I’m into so you have an impression of me as a person xd). Also I like adding brackets to sentences to explain my thoughts.
Looking forward to hearing from whoever is interested :slight_smile:


Hi! Would this be a sort of long-term campaign? Or just a couple of sessions long? What days/times are you considering for this to take place at? What’s the plan? :slight_smile:

Fall of plaguestone is a rather short campaign. I’d guess around 8-10 4 hour sessions, which can of course vary heavily.
Personally I’m available on most evenings (only Wednesdays I can’t do.), so for days it just go with whatever suits the players. If we’d get to make some sort of weekly/bi-weekly schedule work that’d of course be ideal.
And I’d offer up my place (got an apartment in meidling), since that’d allow me to use my minis and rulebooks without carrying around an entire suitcase. Snacks are of course included.

Hi! I’m fairly new to D&D, I played some sessions with some friends, and started to learn basic mechanics and world building lore. I’ve never played Pathfinder, but I heard it’s quite similar and I’d love to try it.
I would be very interested to join the campaign, if you are willing help me out at the beginning. Surely I would prepare myself and study the basis, in order to build my character and learn a bit how to use it at lv1!!

That shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever. I think doing a sort of session 0 where we build characters would be beneficial anyways.
And pathfinder is quite similar to dnd, though there are some differences, which largely amount to pathfinder being slightly more complex. It’s definitely manageable though.

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Great, I’d like to be part of the party then :slight_smile:

I mean, I’d be interested.
But I’m also 36, so I’m unsure whether the age gap would be a concern for you (or me) (or anyone else).

I would also be interested in joining the party, do you already know, when you will start the game. Bytheway, I am already 40 years old.

Cheers Orco

Personally I wouldn’t have an issue with that. However, I would need a total of four players. And then it’d be up to whenever the first date working for everyone would be.

Hey are you still looking for players? I‘d love to join

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