Looking for players for Imperium Maledictum! Some gritty warhammer grimdark stuff

Hey all!

A mate of mine and I want to try out some Warhammer tabletop games, particularly Imperium Maledictum. Wanted to meet some new friends who’d like to try out the system!

If interested, I’d love to hear from you. :smiley:


hey hey, I’d be interested in trying it :slight_smile:

I do love me warhammers in all of their different flavours :smiley:

Shortly from my side: 28yo guy, into 3d printing and nowadays mostly playing dnd and 40k

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Hey Dusan! I’m 29, turning 30 this year. My mate is also around the same age. I’d love to meet you some time and get to know you! Make sure we vibe and all that. Hope you’d be up for it. :slight_smile: My buddy is also a big warhammer guy. Has dozens of nekrons and space marines and the such. Maybe you two would get along.

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sounds good, sent you my contact in a private message :slight_smile:

Warhammer 40k is my 2024 check list, hopefully there is a little space for a completely newbie that wants to learn a new hobby :grin:

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Absolutely! I would also be brand new to the universe.

Want to meet up at some point and get to know each other a little? Helps to make sure we are all vibing :slight_smile:

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Would like that! We can get in private contact for how/when and where on Discord, i have the same username over there and easy to find on RPG Vienna Discord server:)

Hey, I would be interested as well. I am familiar with the 40k universe and played a bit of the warhammer fantasy RPG run by the honorable Dusan (the same as here in the thread).

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Hey Xerdor. Great! Do you have a whatsapp to coordinate through?

Sure, I will send you a message with my contact info.

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