Looking for players for DSA 4.1 (German)

Hi all!

A friend of mine wants to organize a game of the dark eye and has troubles finding players for it. He is a really great guy and actor (like, as a job).

So are any of you interested in giving that game a try? As the title says it will be in german.

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hi! me and my friends are looking for a game master or dungeon master so if your friend is interested maybe we can form a group! ^^

Depends, do you all want to play together? He said he considers 4 players to be ideal, so there is place for 3 more players.

And do any of you have experience with the system? that might also help, but it’s not required.

I would be into it … but my timetable is a bit full at the moment. When do you have planned to start?

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