Looking for players (D&D 5e)


We are looking for up to 5 players to start a new game - either “Tomb of Annihilation” or “Waterdeep Dragon Heist”. I would play as well, my husband DMs. We play in English only, conversations in German no problem :slight_smile:

If you’re interested we propose October 13th (probably afternoon around 2 pm) for a session 0 - introductions, character creation, getting to know the DM style, etc.

Our plan is to play the campaign every 2 weeks (during the week or weekend - we would discuss that on the 13th) at our place (5 min. walking distance from U3 Simmering).

You can answer here or send me a message - however you like! If there’s any questions let me know!



I am already in a group, but finding players here should´t be difficult. There a also two gamenights for oneshots at Spielbar: thursday (all kinds of systems) and friday (DnD adventure league). You might find players there.

Cool, thanks for the tip!

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I’d actually be interested in joining a campaign as a player, given that we could play on weekends and we dont play tomb of anihilation ^^

Just PM me if 13th can be confirmed!

I’d be interrested in joining the session 0. :slight_smile:

Would love to play Waterdeep Dragon Heist but am up for tomb of anihilation aswell. ^^

Yay! We can settle on Waterdeep Dragon Heist! What time would be good for you on Saturday? Cant figure out how PM works in this forum :sweat_smile: - so if you could PM me, that would be great!


Thats great!! Looks like it will be Waterdeep Dragon Heist since both of you interested prefer it. What time would be good for you on Saturday?

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Hi Romana,
I would be very interested as well!
I am completely free on Saturday and I haven’t played neither “Tomb of Annihilation” nor "Waterdeep Dragon Heist”.
You can send a personal message by clicking on the name of a person and then on “message” btw.
But I can send you one just to make sure.

Thanks for setting this up!

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One more thing: Maybe it helps with unlocking the “personal message skill” if you get a direct reply, a mention (@RomanaDC) and some likes (I am on it)…
It could also be helpful to look at the FAQ, that earned me an achievement…

Hello, I will be the DM for this campaign, and after going over what you guys said, and a bit of my own wishes, I have decided that the campaign will be starting with Waterdeep Dragon Heist.
This will be my first Urban Campaign, and IM excited to go through it.
There will be a couple homebrew rules, but nothing seriously major that we will go over on session 0 this saturday, with those that show up, but if you have any suggestions, I would gladly hear them. Looking forward to meeting whoever shows up :smiley:

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Hi. I’d also like to at least take a glance at session 0. Can you message me the address and the time when you would meet?
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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