Looking for people for a test session for a Legend of Zelda RPG System


I just starting writing a scenario to test a RPG System in the LoZ universe!

Are there any people here with a love for Zelda and be willing to try out a system that is still undergoing development (but it’s in a pretty refined state already) with me when I am done writing? If so, leave me a message here and I will contact you when I am ready to run a game! I will still need some time to finish the Scenario tho since I am currently working on some other projects as well but I still want to check if we would get a game running here in person :smiley:

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know Zelda lore. It would be ideal if you knew at least a little about the universe but it is not necessary :slight_smile:

You can find some details about the game and the feel it wants to achieve below:

PS to my Cthulhu regulars: I swear no tentacle bearing cultists will try to summon alien gods in this one!

Some Details about the System:

The Legend of Zelda series of video games have been part of the gaming landscape since the beginning of Nintendo’s video gaming consoles. They feature a unique blend of exploration, fantasy, and heroic adventure, which harkens back to the stories of knights and kings battling dragons and demons, rescuing princesses, and saving the world from untimely ends.

To play, you only need:
• One person to be the Game Master (Hey, Listen! That’s me!)
• A group (3-5 people) to be Heroes
• Two six-sided dice per person
• Pencils and paper

Grounded Fantasy
Zelda games feature magic and fantastic creatures, but they remain grounded in reality. For many people, life in Hyrule is much the same as it would be in life on Earth – there are farms to tend to, roads to walk or ride horses on, and tradesmen hand-craft their tools. Their society is on the cusp of a renaissance, with technologies like gun-powder and telescopes available, but not rifles or microscopes. While magic is real, it is also rare, taking significant study or personal talent. There are all the mundane ills and ailments that affect real people, be they physical or personal.
However, those ills and ailments are relatively rare, more often than not a symptom of some growing evil that can be battled and slain. This is arguably part of the fantasy of Zelda games – that if Heroes rise up and take arms against a single source of evil (and its minions), the world will be a better place.

Humble Beginnings
The typical Zelda game begins with a Hero yet undiscovered. Perhaps they are a simple goat-farmer, or living a quiet life with their uncle; they might be a young forest-boy about to come into adulthood, or the son of a smith, living an unexciting life.
Heroes in Zelda games quickly grow beyond these mundane origins, with every feat of heroism bringing them further and further from the ordinary life they started in. However, those beginnings keep the Hero grounded and humble: they know what they’re fighting for, and are rarely tempted to use their newfound power and skill to do more harm than good.

Puzzle-Solving Power
While Heroes will grow stronger, smarter, and more skilled as they adventure, Heroes in the Zelda games often find that their power comes not only from the strength of their sword-arm, but also from the plethora of tools that they acquire.
Heroes need these tools and the new abilities they confer for more than just efficiently dispatching monsters. They’ll use them to solve puzzles in ancient shrines and lost temples (though in a tabletop game, their own ingenuity can take them much further than in any video game). They’ll also use these items to deal with foes who might otherwise be unstoppable, using a magical tool to uncover a weak point or to turn a monster’s own powers back upon them.

Playable Races
The Race system is divided into the “Primary Races”
Gerudo, Goron, Hylian, Rito, Sheikah and Zora.
These are the most common races in Hyrule and most likely to go on a brave adventure.
The “Secondary Races”
Deku, Fairy, Demon and Twili.
They are rarely seen in the world and have their own gimmicks!
All races have different resistances and weaknesses! A goron may drop like a stone if he falls into water but is capable of standing his ground and laugh at a dragon’s face for trying to roast him with a firebreath for example.

You start with a set amount of points and can spend them to increase your stats and abilites (called Traits). There are 3 “Skilltrees” where you can freely spend points in called:
Power Traits represent technical skill and physical strength. Heroic knights, enterprising blacksmiths, and star athletes, all exhibit incredible Power.
Wisdom Traits represent magical aptitude and awareness of people and situations. Learned scholars, dangerous wizards, and skilled diplomats, all show great Wisdom.
Courage Traits represent self-assuredness and ease in the natural world. Inspiring leaders, wandering herbalists, and acrobatic thieves, all display great Courage.

Each of this Traits split into 8 different subtraits that you can skill into!

There is a huge variety of Feats, Songs, Magic Spells and Fighting techniques that wait to be discovered and used to banish evil demon kings! So come and join me if you want to… Reclaim the Wild !

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That sounds awesome!

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I will message you when i know an approximate date for it !

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Hey there,
a friend and I are big Zelda fans and are really interested.
Please keep me updated :smiley:

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Will do! Like I said, I don’t have a date yet but there seem to be some interest so I will make haste in learning the system and preparing an adventure ! :slight_smile:

Hey, this sounds great! Maybe you should run it on of the Thursday Nights, which is specially for one-shot games and test sessions. I would be definitelly interested.

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That’s an interesting idea ! I might actually do that
I will make sure to let you know as well when everything is set up and ready

This is great! I would be interested in joining :smile:

Sound like it could be fun, I’m not sure if I will have the time though.
Could you tell me when you have a date?

Will do @purecell and @Michi