Looking for one or two more players to fill up our group! Are you ready for a cool adventure?

Our campaign - Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden - is going since approximately three months by now, and we came to the conclusion that our party could need some reinforcements to fight against the dangers of the far north.

Currently, there are three players and me (27, he/him) as the DM. The party is at level three - we have a bard, a fighter and a druid. We are playing in person at my lair in 1130 Vienna, close to the U4.

What to expect?

  • An adventure set in the chilling cold of the Far North. Better don’t forget your warm clothes, snowshoes and sleds…
  • A lack of light. The sun has not risen since two years. Sunlight-sensitive races cherish, but most surface-dwellers suffer as they have to rely on torches to see anything.
  • A lack of diversity in food. So far, the party has mostly been served various dishes of trout. But at least they got alcohol.
  • Horror. Things that should not be, things that I lack the words for to describe them.
  • Ancient arcana that waits to be unearthed. But, I cannot tell you more without spoilering the others.

About me as a DM:

  • I have been DMing since about two years by now, with a long break until recently to get over the loss of an important family member. This is the first campaign I have been DMing since then.
  • For me, the players’ fun and particularly the Rule of Cool is very important. When you ask me if you can do something, I will try to find a way to make it work - as long as it is reasonable of course.
  • I do not like to restrict players. I allow homebrew in my games (but want to check it beforehand to ensure that it is balanced) and write a lot of homebrew myself which you can use of course.
  • Your characters and their backstories are important to me, I will try my best to incorporate your character’s backstory into the campaign.

We use a Discord server for coordination. If you show interest in joining, I’ll give you the invite :slight_smile:

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Hey, it would be cool to get some more info on it. Can I reach you for some questions to see if I could make it? :slight_smile:

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I would very much like to join you, if you still have space,it sounds very fun

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Hello Arthilas, i am very interested in fullfilling your group:) I am quite experienced (3 years playing, one of it dm) and currently looking for a group and fun dnd events :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to hear from you. Greetings Marco

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Hey hey! The campaign seems interesting! Would love to join the group if still possible… I’m always available through discord: .hyaejix :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Nejla

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For now, we are full :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone who replied though. I hope you will find other groups to play in!