Looking for group

We are a seasoned RPG veteran (Austrian, 38yo) and a complete newbie (Australian, 25 yo) looking for a regular game group in Vienna.

Our preferences (none of which are set in stone) are bi-weekly, fantasy themed and not running too late, especially during the week (say 0:00).


We have a regular weekly open table at the Spielbar.
It is not campaign centric and is probably not what you are looking for, but it might be a good place to scratch the RPG itch…
Also, it is a place to meet fellow RPGers and, in the past, people have meet on the Thursday’s games and went to start a regular campaign…


I happen to be in the same situation as you, having played regularly before moving over to Vienna some time ago and now trying to find/set up a new group.

Otherwise similar preferences as you - roughly bi-weekly, fantasy oriented, not necessarily a preference for a specific system.

Looking forward to hearing from you and others who would like to join.


You could always run a fantasy game of your choice on a Thursday night at Spielbar.
It’s not a set system where only certain people run games. (Okay, it sort of is - but only because those people are so good at it :stuck_out_tongue:).
Anyone could run a game though - and the usual GMs would probably be happy to ‘just’ play instead of running a game every now and again.

Looks like we’re full up - for the time being. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest, even if we didn’t end up inviting you!