Looking for flat for the holidays

I have some guests coming here over the winter holidays, and am trying to find a place for them to stay. If any of you ex-pats or glamorous jet-setters are heading out of town for the holidays, have a place that sleeps four (or have any good suggestions), and want to make an easy buck, please drop me a line.


Hmmm you might be onto something here.
A website that helps tabletop role playing gamers find a place to stay?

We could call it AirDnD…

… I’ll show myself out! :smiley: best of luck!

Heh. Nice one!

Then again, you might just be on to something. Where can I buy stock in this start-up?

With a name like that, how can it fail?

Anyway, my place will likely be empty as I’ll be at my sister’s place.